By Thomas Foo , 29 Dec 2019

Our Heartfelt Appreciation to

Datin Maslina Ibrahim of Salam Shah Alam Specialist Hospital for providing Medical Relief to Kg Belanga Kelantan.

Over the weekend, Dr Azrul attended to more than 60 patients and distributed more than 100 boxes of Medicines to villages in and around Kg Belanga.

Our Utmost Gratitude to

Mejar Saberi of Batalion Kelima Regimen Renjer Diraja for providing all the Askar Power to the Flood Relief Project.

The recent floods that lashed the East Coast states of Kelantan and Johor has caused much hardship to many families and destroyed many homes.

A joint effort between our NGO 4×4 Relief Malaysia, Salam Shah Alam Specialist Hospital and the 5th Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment teamed up to help build a home for the family of En Ramzi in Kampung Belanga, Kelantan.

Work commenced on the 27-29 December to provide a Cabin Home complete with bathroom/toilet, kitchen.

Construction was at a very fast pace over 2.5 days.

The joint effort involving some 50 volunteers completed a modest home for En Ramzi’s family, complete with beds, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, water supply, lightings and porch.

In a simple handover ceremony, En Ramzi’s family, who himself is handicapped, his wife with Asthma and 2 children with Eyes problems will be able to sleep in comfort in the last 2 months.

Entire Project funding came from caring Malaysians with Golden Hearts.

Malaysians who felt the need to volunteer for future projects of this nature can contact 4×4 Relief Malaysia, Ms. Tan Bee Heong 012-367 1923 or Thomas Foo 019-329 8883 / [email protected]

Thank you very very much, Golden Hearts ♥️❤️♥️.