About Us

4×4 World Explorer Sdh Bhd was the inspiration of the one and only Mr Thomas Foo. Its conception seed was from a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based 4×4 club in 1994. Over the decades Thomas, aka Tango, has lead and organised almost 100 travel expedition and events reaching all 7 continents and circumnavigated the global several times over! The original name of the outfit was called Asia Offroad, however in 2008 Mr Linus Liu became a part owner of the company and from that point onwards the company changed its name to 4×4 World Explorer and a new era of the company was born.


Our company has a family feel to it and the family has grown mainly through word of mouth. However many new comers have participated over the years and we always welcome to the 4×4 World Explorer family to explore this amazing planet. We have also seen an increase in female expedition explorers which we truly encourage and hope to grow. Once seen as a predominately a male leisure activity, we now see a progressive change in having more females participant in our 4×4 World Explorer tours.

As air travel has become more and more affordable resulting in huge growth in the air travel business, we at 4×4 World Explorer feel that traveling overland gives a very unique, special and privileged experience for our clients. It is one thing to fly from Kuala Lumpur to London over 12 hours but to drive it over 2 months, slowing seeing not only the landscape changing but the faces and food of the cultures morphing with diverse colours, tastes and sounds ever astounding our participants, we feel there is no better way to travel Trans-Continental apart from overland. We do it with safety as a priority and always seeking the road less travelled. Our expedition tours normal take 2-3 months and covering 15,000 – 20,000km in length. These are typically once a year due to the complexity of the logistics and operations, considering the size of our humble company.