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2014, brings us together again for a muchanticipated drive from Singapore – Nanjing, a 28days adventure, bringing the Youth Olympic spiritfrom Singapore which last hosted the YouthOlympic games back in 2010 to the openingceremony on the 16th August 2014 in Nanjing.

Participants have a choice to join from Singaporeor Kuala Lumpur. Convoy will carry the Gamestorch and passing thru major towns along the waylike Kuala Lumpur, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Vientiane,Luang Prabang, Kunming, Guiyang, Feng Huang, LuShan, Huang Shan to name a few.

Entry Fee is for ONE pax and include all meals andaccommodations ( twin sharing ) + a place to sit inone of the official vehicles.Those who are bringing their own vehicle have tocontact the organizer for more details.Limited to a maximum of 20 vehicles, 30 pax havealready pre-sold leaving approximately 20 paxavailable.

Participants fly home from Dalian.Interested participants should register early toprevent disappointment. 

2014, brings us yet another Adventure of a lifetime !!!

If venturing into Outer Mongolia, Siberia and Russia is your cup of tea, then Trans- Asia V is what you are looking for. Imagine a 39 days driving adventure, starting from China’s southernmost city of Northeast China, Dalian, a financial, shipping and logistics center for Northeast Asia. Participants will drive through Shenyang, Chengde before entering into inner Mongolia at Zhenglan, from there onwards, Ulaan Baatar - the capital and the largest city of Mongolia will be the next stop.

Siberia is an extensive geographical region, consisting of almost all of North Asia. Siberia has been part of Russia since the seventeenth century and will be the next destination, entering at Ulan Ude and for the next 25 days, covering not less than 8000 km, covering Asia’s most adventurous and harsh terrains. Transversing alongside the Trans-Siberian railway lines, visiting Russia most remote city of Magadan before convoy calls in at Vladivostok loosely translates from Russian as "the ruler of the East” - Vladivostok – Home to the Russian Pacific Fleet and the largest port on the Pacific Ocean.

If Camping in the wilderness is not your cup of tea, then do not read on. Those who are game for the ultimate adventure, this is it !.

Bring your own vehicle by shipping to Dalian or hop into one of the 10 organizer’s prepared 4x4 for this EPIC journey. Limited to a maximum of 20 vehicles. Participants fly home from Vladivostok. Interested participants should register early to prevent disappointment.

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